All Qarisma items are made by hot cloisonné enamel method, which is over 800 years old. Masters from Egypt and Byzantium knew how to use this method to perfection; masters from Georgia still use it.

Hot enamel items shine under the sunlight bringing you warmth and cheering you up... even on a dull, murky day. They are timeless. Many years on, they still keep their vibrant colors.

Our modern jewelry manufacture is located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.


The work on any item starts with design thoroughly created by our designers all over the world and our team in the fantastic Swiss city of Lucerne.

Finest silver partitions are glued to a precious metal base with a special glue made of quince seeds boiled out for hours. These partitions exactly match the designer's sketch. After that, glass powder, or enamel, is inlaid between the partitions.

Then the item is placed in a muffle kiln where enamel melts at a temperature of 750-780 degrees and fills the entire space between the partitions. When exposed to fire, multi-colored glass powder turns into timeless colored glass. During firing, the melted enamel sinks down below the partitions, so this process is repeated until all compartments, or cloisons, are filled to the top. As a result, the pattern on the item consists of several layers.

Next, the item is ground and polished. This is when the item takes on its unmatched shine and the play of light.

Our Quality Department is the final step in the creation of the item; after that, the item is certified and is ready to bring the energy and emotional joy to its future owner.

Centuries ago, only wealthy people could afford the jewelry made by this method, because of the complex fabrication process and its high artistic value. In our days, these items can be worn by many, but only those who really understand the incredible beauty hand-made by jeweler artists will be able to appreciate them.

QARISMA items are made in small lots, which is an additional advantage for our demanding buyers who become owners of these exclusive, wonderful items.